Claudia Chinyere Akole
Claudia Chinyere Akole is an illustrator, cartoonist, designer, and junior animator based in Sydney, Australia.
ER Xmas (Part 1) Zine

ER Xmas Part 1 Zine

“I have a wild tale for the grandkids about how a Seinfeld Santa themed Xmas party in a Kensington rave house ended up with us in the Emergency Room a few nights before Xmas last year.

However, it'll have to wait for the grandkids to be over 18. Similarly, I don't plan on publishing any of the actual story publically.

Instead, this comic is about the very vanilla conclusion to that fateful night. And me having a migraine.”

Part 1 of 2, ongoing. Drawn traditionally using POSCA markers on separate layers of tracing paper. March 2019.

This zine is 20 pages, digitally colour printed on 120gsm silk finish white paper stock.

Zine can be purchased here.