Claudia Chinyere Akole
Claudia Chinyere Akole is an illustrator, cartoonist, designer, and junior animator based in Sydney, Australia.
Mama-Jon Comic

Mama-Jon Comic

“While I consider myself Australian, I find it difficult to relate to my mixed Armenian-Iranian and Igbo Nigerian cultural identity. In order to find answers to the wider questions of culture and heritage, in December 2017 I interviewed my Mother, Jacqueline Tamrazians, about my oral family history on my Persian side.

Mama-Jon is a short animated film based on a portion of the originally 45 min long audio interview”

This comic is an exploration/adaption created during the pre-visualization stage of film production. Traditionally drawn using POSCA markers on A2 white drawing paper stock.

I restricted myself to solely using text in this process; thus I’ve visualized this particular section of interview using English as spoken word and Farsi as my visual elements.

This comic was contributed (in conjunction with other vis dev material) to the Between Two Worlds Exhibition at Freda’s/Down Under Space, Chippendale on 30 May 2018. Curated by Gianna Hayes (@hazey__)

Mama-Jon Comic was presented live (among two other short stories) for the live comic-reading event, Read To Me at Knox St Bar, Sydney on Tue 3 July 2018.